About us

BluePurple Records serves as a publisher..

Jan Jansen serves as the Music director to Riley Camryn & Emerald B.

BluePurple Records is a digital music service.
Successful 21st century artists communicate with their fans effectively, and we can help your career be successful through media. Your music is competing every day with others. Make sure your (new)fans are seeing your music and make them understand the value.

Complete Integration with Social Media.
The difference between BluePurple Records and everyone else is our ability to tell your story effectively. We create custom content to help your music make genuine connections with your audience. We will help you drive new fans at the same time as we help you maintain your current fan base.

Keep up in a fast paced digital climate. Communication is about connection. The question you need to ask is, “Is maintaining current connections and consistently making new connections” BluePurple Records production Team is prepared to keep your career on top of the digital marketing and communications game.

Originals, as well as covers, can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and many more services.

Legal note: All videos on this website are uploaded with the written permission of the rightful copyright owners / legal guardian. In most cases we are the rightful copyright owner due to a signed contract!

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